Songs & Chants

Ness Creek Festival Drum and Dance Circle 2016

Family Workshop: Earthy Hearty World

Photo by Wayne Rollack

Laura (Barefoot, Smiling)
A little Eastern European sound - One of the many colors of the Barefoot Smiling Album!

I couldn't be more pleased that you've found my personal website!


From my French Canadian Culture or the influential experiences I had across the Earth on my travels, music has always had a special place in my life and my heart. I am now a whole mom and self employed and offer an amalgam of services as a World Folk Musician, in many languages (French, English, a little Spanish & Arabic), a Kirtan performer chanting in Sanskrit and Pali (Solo or with Samanvaya Kirtan) and as an Educational Artist in the schools, at Special Events or Festivals in French or/& English!

Embracing Life on Earth with the Music of Mother Nature. 

Samanvaya Kirtan -

Om Ami Dewa Hri
Do you know Kirtan? Devotional chanting, Mantras we all chant together in a community gathering. I even add a couple of those in my family friendly workshops!

​Samanvaya Kirtan is my other music project I share the stage with Padmashi Anastasia Gheyssen.

Malika Sellami:

Multilingual Musician & Educational Artist